When business owners see that bad reviews have come to their website, they feel very bad. It is like a personal attack to receive a bad review for the people who are running a quality business on a daily basis. When a visitor visits the website of your online business through Google then he can see the Google reviews. There are some options for removing these.

It will be very interesting to know what are Google reviews and what is the reason for their existence. You may be having a Google Business profile in which a review can be attached that was sent to Google. Whenever any person visits your website then this review can be seen by him. You can make this account without paying any money by claiming your profile.

Google search engine may be used by some customers and for them basically these reviews exist. For helping customers in decision making, information is provided to them by these. What customer experiences after making a purchase from your company? He can express it in the form of a Google review. But sometimes some other people who have not experienced your services or products can give bad reviews. These people can be former employees, spammers, or competitors.

How can a real Google review be removed?

If a real customer gives a truthful review about the trade that you own then it is called a real Google review. If a review is bad then it does not mean that it can be removed easily. But if positive reviews are given by everybody then there will be no use to read these. Now I will tell you how bad Google reviews can be removed.

1. The customer should be asked to edit the review given by him

The review can be changed or deleted by the reviewer as it is not permanent. But how will you convince the reviewer for doing this? You have to identify in the beginning if he is a reasonable customer who can be easily convinced by you for changing the review. If a person is highly dissatisfied with the services or products of your company then he can leave the negative reviews and it can be very difficult for you to change his mind. If the customer receives a defective product or a slow service is experienced by him then he leaves a bad review. The following strategy can be used for fixing these:

When a person leaves a review then you should respond to him. The response can be in the form of an apology if the customer has experienced bad service or product from your company. After rectifying the situation, you should inform him about this. Then you should request him to visit your company. Following steps can be taken for editing the reviews of the customer:

  1. Any location must be searched by you on Google maps.
  2. Then the menu icon must be clicked present on the left-hand corner on the upper side.
  3. Then click on “Your contributions”. After this “Reviews” must be clicked.
  4. In the question, the review must be identified.
  5. Then close to the business name three vertical dots are present which must be clicked.
  6. After that “Edit review” must be clicked.
  7. Then the review can be changed.

2. The review can be pushed down

The number of business reviews that are normally seen by a person are less than 6. So, if 6 good reviews are put by you then they will be seen on the top and nobody will get a chance to see the bad ones which are present below the positive ones. 90 % of the customers will not see the bad ones if 6 to 10 good reviews are put by you. But how will you do this?

  • The customers who come in the store can be asked to leave a good review.
  • At the receipt’s bottom, a request for the positive review can be put.

How fake Google reviews can be removed?

If a real customer has not written it or is not truthful then it is called a fake review. It can be very difficult to prove that these are fake but these can be removed. Now I will tell you how fake ones can be removed.

3. By taking a legal action

Legal action can be taken by you if you think that your business is getting hurt because of bad reviews. Legally it is not right to leave a negative review about a company or an individual if no reason exists for this. In order to delete the review by the reviewer, you can take the help of a reputable attorney and send him a notice.

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