Digital jewelry case

Weighing devices or equipment are always in demand when it comes to measuring the weight of a particular object or product. Especially for the jewelry industry, the weighing devices mean a lot. Considering the need for reliable jewelry measuring equipment, Kingwin introduced a unique portable digital weighing scale.

From jewelry makers to retailers, everyone appreciates the efficiency of Kingwin KTK-200S. In a short span of time, the digital jewelry case has earned a trustable reputation in the competitive market. If you are looking for a compact, handy, and cost-effective jewelry scale, then there is no better device other than KTK-200S.

Below here, some significant features of Kingwin’s digital jewelry case have been briefly described. Read the following facts and understand why Kingwin KTK-200S is popular in its range.

High Accuracy and precise measurement

The digital device has a maximum weighing capacity of 200G and accurately measures the weight of jewelry items with a minimal variation of 0.01G. With high-precision sensors and state-of-the-art technology, the weighing surface provides accurate results for gold, gemstones, silver, platinum, and other precious jewelry pieces. Automatic calibration mechanism ensures error-free measurement and restricts the involvement of any fraudulent. Indeed, Kingwin’s digital jewelry case is just perfect for the jewelry industry.

Easy-to-read digital display

The blue backlight LCD display of the jewelry scale offers easy reading and avoids any mistake while stating the jewelry’s weight. The brightness is good and allows to read the measurements effortlessly. Apart from the bright LCD display, the device also features smart auto shut-off. If the digital jewelry scale remains in-operative for one-minute, it will be automatically switched off. This greatly saves a plenty of energy and contributes to the long-lasting of the device.

Compact and portable design

Kingwin’s digital jewelry case fits easily in a pocket and can be carried to anywhere without any hassle. It takes very less space and ensures flexible storage on any surface, as per user’s need. The portable body design allows easy-to-use facilities for fast & accurate measurement. A flip open lid over the device protects the weighing surface from scratches and damages. For enhanced protection, it is recommended to use the storage pouch when the device is not in operation.

Multiple weighing units

The best thing about the mini digital jewelry scale is its access to multiple weighing units. Whether you want the measurements in G, TL, oz, ct, or GN, the device allows to set-up multiple weighing units as per the requirements. Apart from measuring jewelry pieces, the scale can be also used for weighing medicines and regular household materials. There is no need to buy different scales for different materials, as the digital jewelry device keeps everything organized.

Hurry up and order online

Kingwin KTK-200S is exclusively available on Amazon at the best price. Because of high demand, the product is selling fast. If you don’t want to miss such an amazing digital jewelry case, order it online now. Hurry up, few stocks left in the store.